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Starframe devlog: Rope physics

Starframe's rope physics is the first piece of physics code I've written that I designed entirely myself. This is a short story of that design process and the challenges and solutions found along the way.

Starframe devlog: Solving Constraints in Physics

The Starframe physics solver has gone through a few iterations recently as my understanding of the problem and knowledge of available methods have grown. In this post I attempt to explain what constraints are and detail a few game-engine-friendly ways of solving them. I'll try to make this understandable to someone with approximately the level of knowledge I had before starting this: decent linear algebra and calculus skills and a tiny bit of physics knowledge.

Starframe devlog: Architecture

I've spent a large portion of the past two years writing and rewriting the basic structures that describe a game and its content in Starframe (formerly known as MoleEngine). These are some notes on what I've done so far and what I've learned from it.

Starframe devlog: Introduction

Starframe is an ambitious hobby project, still early on in development, aiming to create a general-purpose 2D game engine suitable for rapid prototyping and game jams as well as more polished, hopefully commercial-quality products. This blog is meant to document the development and ideas behind it in a fair bit of detail - mostly to organize and revise my own thoughts, but with the hope that someone else might also find it interesting and/or helpful. In this first post I will outline what exactly I am trying to accomplish and why I am doing it.