Mikael Myyrä (he/they), known online as Molentum (a pun on their last name which translates to Mole), is a programmer, student in computational physics, artist, game developer, and generally huge nerd from Jyväskylä, Finland. As of early 2024, they're 27 years old, working as a full-stack web developer at the University of Jyväskylä's Digital Services building interactive tools for students and staff, while also preparing for their PhD studies at the same university slated to begin in the fall semester.

Mikael is most comfortable writing code, with skills in all major programming paradigms and a particular affinity for functional and data-oriented styles. Their PhD research concerns the simulation of various wave and fluid flow phenomena using a discretization scheme known as Discrete Exterior Calculus. During these studies they hope to reach an advanced skill level in differential geometry, numerical methods for differential equations, and general mathematical literacy.

In their free time Mikael is enthusiastic about all things creative, whether it's graphic art, video games, or heavy metal music. Their tools of choice are typically open-source digital software, from Krita and Blender for art to Neovim and Rust for games. Their tastes are a world of contrasts — the delicate femininity of Art Nouveau and the grotesquery of surrealist horror, the intense flow of precision platformers and the zen of exploration games, the brutality of death metal and the soothing quiet of an acoustic guitar. Their interest in physics simulations extends into their personal game projects in the form of the Starframe engine, on top of which they're building a platformer called Flamegrower where you swing on vines and set things on fire.